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Thank you to the MEF Honor Roll Sponsors

MEF Auction Gala 2024
Saturday, March 23, 2024

Pay-to-Play Events put the FUN in FUNdraising!

Want to be a party host? Email mefspecialevents@gmail.com

WHAT: A “pay-to-play” event is a parent-hosted party that is held sometime during the school year. The host(s) provide the foods, drinks and music/entertainment.  Tickets to attend these events will be sold at the MEF Auction Gala.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

WHO: Anyone who likes to throw a party.  We need volunteers to host pay-to-play events to be featured at the silent auction.  Why not get together with another family or two and host a party?

WHY: Pay-to-Play parties raise a significant amount of money that will help support our goal.  In addition to raising money for MEF, events bring Moraga families together to have fun while strengthening our community. 

WHERE:   ANYWHERE!!  Parties can be hosted in a home, a restaurant, a bar, outdoors or any venue of your choosing. Hosts are always looking for fabulous entertaining homes, so if you would like to offer up your house but don’t feel like spearheading a party, let us know.

HOW:  The hosts organize the theme and schedule a party on a date that works for them and how many people they would like to host.  Once the date, event idea and number of people have been decided, we would determine the price per person (fixed price) and people would sign up to participate (play). The event would be capped at the number of people that the host(s) decided on and each person who signed up at the silent auction would pay MEF that amount.  


Pay-to-Play Ideas

     60’s/70’s or 80”s theme- guests dress up in costume

     Movie or TV show theme (i.e Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, Mad Men, etc.)

     High School or College theme (Prom Night, Toga, Fraternity Party, etc.)

     Masquerade or Mardi Gras

     Have a professional chef come to your home and cook a fabulous meal

     International theme dinner (i.e Italian feast, Oktoberfest, Spanish, Asian, etc.) 

     BBQ Pit Masters

     Murder Mystery Party

     Sushi, Sake and Karaoke

     Bourbon and Blues

     Napa/Sonoma wine tasting

     Game Night

     Casino Night

     Ladies Event

     Champagne brunch

     Exercise (hiking, biking, golf, tennis) and Lunch after

     Wine and hors d’oeuvres

     SPA event

     Gentlemen Event

     Poker Night

     Beer or wine tasting


     Movie night 

     Concert/Dance Party

     Iron Chef/Cupcake Wars/Cooking Party